09. März 2019


Am 9. März kamen Vertreter deutscher und dänischer Patientenvereinigungen zusammen um das Projekt HERACLES einen wichtigen Schritt näher an unser gemeinsames Ziel, die Patientenstärkung, zu bringen.

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Heracles - Los gehts!

Heracles - Lad os gå!

20. Juni 2018


Das Heracles-Projekt wurde in vollem Umfang vom Interreg-Ausschuss bewillgt.


Heracles-projektet blev fuldt ud godkendt af Interreg-udvalget.

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Heracles Dates


  • 09.05.19 Patient Power Workshop
  • 22.11.18 Official Kick-Off
  • 17.09.18 Constituting Meeting
  • 15.09.18 Digitale Kieler Woche
  • 06.09.18 eHealth Innovation Days
  • 01.09.18 Project start date
  • 21.06.18 Interreg grants Heracles
  • 19.02.18 project application

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Heracles Information





The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 28 member states in Europe.

Interreg is the EU's program for interregional development at European borders.

Workshops with patients, relatives, doctors, nurses and other medical staff are essential for Heracles.

Informational and Educational Videos are important for empowering patients and relatives.


Heracles works on creating two platforms that will help patients and relatives in the empowerment process  as well as supporting doctors, nurses, and other clinical personnel in learning to better communicate with their patients.

Meeting point

Patients and relatives on the one hand and doctors, nurses and medical staff on the other hand represent two worlds that are often separated, making mutual understand a tough task. Heracles brings them together.

HEALTH literacy

Health literacy is a crucial point to patient empowerment. Unfortunately health literacy is low in many people. It is therefore part of Heracles' mission to raise awareness of this topic in the general public.


Finding one's way through a health carte system full of bureaucracy, time pressure,  and complex therapy options is a strenuous task. The Heracles project sets out to assist the affected and offer guidance.